Loan without certification – you will find it in these banks!

Strong pressure from loan companies meant that some banks decided to become more involved in the small cash loan market. As part of the current Recommendation T (from 2013), the Good Finance investment Corporation provided for the possibility of granting certain loans on simplified terms.

Several banks decided to use the solution introduced by the GFI. The clients of these institutions can receive quite a lot of money without asking the employer for employment and income certification.

As part of the promotion, you can receive up to 200,000 USD “as proof” …


After analyzing the current market offer, it turns out that three leading banks have prepared interesting offers for loans and loans granted without income certificates (see the table below). Honest Bank’s offer certainly deserves a special mention .

The said institution proposes, among others, “4.9% loan”, whose holder may receive up to USD 200,000 without attestation of income. In the case of an amount not exceeding USD 15,000, there are additional promotional conditions (interest rate: 4.90% and preparation fee: 6.00%).

However, it is worth noting that the simplified credit procedure applies only to people who previously had relationships with the bank and have income obtained, e.g., under an employment contract or civil law contract.

Importantly, the promotional 4.9% Loan was intended for customers who currently do not have another cash or consolidation loan at Honest Bank.

Take a promotional loan without leaving your home


It is a great advantage to be able to take a promotional loan without leaving your home. Similar restrictions do not apply to another Honest Bank offer – 5% loans with a guarantee.

As part of the said loan, the bank pays up to USD 4,000 based on an income statement and personal account history. As in the case of the 4.9% Loan, the customer does not have to buy the insurance and open a new account.

An additional advantage of 5% loans is the guarantee of the lowest installment and the possibility of receiving funds without leaving the house.

Cooperative Bank without a loan borrows much more than USD 4,000. Based on the income statement, the bank will pay up to USD 17,000.

It is worth noting that when borrowing money for a period of 3 months to 48 months, Cooperative does not charge a preparatory commission. Money for a maximum of 4 years can also be borrowed by Good Finance.

The loan from this institution has a small value (up to USD 3,500), but is available at every branch of Good Finance and paid during one customer visit.

Bank loans without income declarations


Honest Bank Loan 4.9% – a promotional loan of up to USD 200,000 without income certification, is available to people who previously had relationships with the bank and have income e.g. on account of an employment contract, work order or day contract.

One promotional loan with an interest rate of 4.90% is intended for a person who does not have another cash/consolidation loan at Honest Bank.

The loan amount with an interest rate of 4,90% and a commission of 6,00% is up to USD 15,000. The maximum loan amount is USD 200,000. Repayment period up to 144 months. In the case of a repayment period not exceeding 36 months, a fixed interest rate applies. Loan insurance and account opening are not mandatory.

The loan is available without leaving your home. A person who takes out a cash loan (under a simplified procedure) or a non-bank loan often declares his income as part of his declaration. You must realize that such a document, signed by the client, is the basis for granting the loan and has a great legal significance.

Providing false information about your income may be a crime.


Pursuant to article 297 paragraph 1 of the Penal Code: “Who, in order to obtain for himself or someone else, from a bank or an organizational unit conducting similar economic activity pursuant to an Act or from an authority or institution, has public funds – credit (…) presents (…)

An unreliable written statement regarding circumstances of material significance for obtaining the aforementioned financial support, payment instrument or order, shall be punishable by a term of imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years “.

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